Dr Leyla Rafieian Taheri

Tel : 07925 273596

Services also availible in Swedish

and Farsi 


Counselling with a Psychologist is for anyone seeking to improve their emotional well being and personal relationships. Often we may believe that we ‘should get on with things and not cause a fuss’ however, research has persistently shown that people benefit greatly from counselling rather than ‘managing on their own’.

The process offers you a deeper understanding of yourself that can allow you to resolve emotional difficulties. This can lead to personal growth and increased confidence as you become aware of your own ability to heal. 

Your psychologist will provide you with empathy and professional support to encourage you to become the master of your own happiness.

Sessions are usually held weekly, depending on level of support needed, at a time that suits you. Your first session allows for an understanding of your difficulties and therapy direction depending on your needs. It is charged at half price and as non-binding.

If you or a loved one would like to make an appointment or have queries regarding this, please get in touch.